Is the DEX still set to launch before end of 2018?

What are some of the approaches to encourage volume?

Does the NEX team have any thoughts on EOSfinex, which is meant to also be a high performance DEX trading BTC/USD, ETH/USD, LTC/USD etc. What would NEX consider to be their main competitive advantage over EOSfinex (if known).

can you reveal the strategic partnerships that have been eluded to in tweets and reddit comments by the founders


NEX partnered with nOS and Phantasma if both platforms succeed it would generate volume, also us the users should spread the word about NEX exchange !

besides I bet NEX guys has ideas how to bring liquidity and volume in once live.


NEX needs us users to bring volume to the exchange as fabio also pointed out in the AMA. Spread to all your friends around the globe to use the NEX Exchange when its launched.


I think more partnerships will also follow, soon. Like for the FIAT-Gateway


We (at GUARD) live in Los Angeles, which is EOS country – very very few NEO folks here other than us. We do see a big speed-up in the infrastructure around EOS: wallets, dApps, DEX’s, quiet partnerships with large established companies. NEO and NEX are still ahead of EOS efforts right now, but if they take too long, EOS may catch up. That is a very real threat. Our bet is squarely on NEO and it is superior in many ways (wide range of compilers and middleware tools) but EOS is already ahead in terms of stability, speed, transaction per second (6,000 tps to date hard proof). So: Our hope is that NEX / NEON can release next-gen wallets and exchanges sooner rather than later. We get the caution, the carefulness. But there is indeed a solid new competitor at the table – it’s not just ETH squabbling with itself. EOS is for real and on the march.


SpotCoin is delivering a fiat gateway for NEP-5’s in December. 03 is also doing something in the near term, but what and how fast is unclear.

As far as I’m concerned, this is going to make or break Neon Exchange. Assuming the team is nailing the development side of NEX, bringing in volume is an entirely different beast that many, many projects have failed at.

In terms of NEP-5-focused exchanges:

Switcheo had first movers’ advantage, yet they’re sitting at $150k USD 24h volume (160th on CoinMarketCap). They’ve been up and running for how long? Mind you…they don’t have any incentives for using the platform. Their token works similarly to Binance Coin I believe – reduced fees if paid in SWTH. Not exactly ground-breaking stuff, and from what I can tell they don’t market their exchange very much.

On that note, Aphelion launched an aggressive social media campaign which boosted their subreddit (www.reddit.com/r/APH) to nearly 12,000 members. You would think they’d have a bustling community discussing the newly launched MainNet wallet DEX, but it’s a ghost town over there. Aphelion may have numbers, but their roots do not run deep. There is very little intrinsic interest from the community in their development. Aphelion does have a staking mechanism though, somewhat similar to what NEX will bring to the table.

Learning from Switcheo and Aphelion, I truly hope the NEX team is able to shine a light on this project in every corner of the planet. There’s so much promise. I really believe fiat-onramps will change the game and attract users, and staking NEX will be the cherry on top if volume begins to rise.

:nex_logo: Come for the onramp; stay for the staking. :nex_logo:


I’ve browsed this DEXs first impression been “I don’t like it at all” user experience been bad, very much unintuitive, no volume and most of all bad pairs of how we like to say: $hit coins.

also Aphelion listing NEX is a joke.

I think NEX team should not be dependent on other crypto projects. They need to be working with current businesses outside of crypto. Eg. Allowing eBay to implement a payment extension for multiple currencies.


One important thing to keep in mind is that it is much easier to get volume when an exchange supports multiple platforms. DEXs that only run on NEO or Ethereum are more limited in that respect.

If you look at Coinmarketcap, over 24 hours Ethereum has $1,458,590,756 volume, NEO has $138,127,225, and Bitcoin has $4,211,998,726. This is a big reason we will support ETH from launch in addition to NEO, and BTC as soon as possible.

Another big thing is the quality of the APIs to support bots, volume, and liquidity. NEX will have APIs to rival the fastest centralized exchanges from launch.


Hey Ethan…even my balls are rising after reading the last para…


Thank you. I was about to say the same thing. NEO is still pretty small compared to ETH and of course there would be less volume on NEP only exchanges. If NEX supports BTC, ERC and NEP we would see much more volume.