Volume discrepancy between exchange and markets tab


Looks like markets tab shows less volume (24h) than exchange tab.
Example, from exchange:

From markets tab:


Yes, this is a known issue and will be fixed in next maintenance. Markets tab is using the wrong API, the difference is that exchange is showing a moving window and markets is showing full hours. The difference exists because dividends are computed by full hours (volume in the day instead of last 24h, since payments are daily).

Usual data when comparing across services is moving window.


I think there might be another thing causing this. It seems like the moving window in the exchange tab is between the last trade and 24 hours before that, instead of the current time and 24 hours before that. Graphs also stop moving until a new trade is made.

For example, on ZRX-NEO, the last trade was on 17 september. 24H volume still shows 0.51 NEO and the graph also stopped there.

However, once more trading starts to happen, this won’t be noticed anymore. Might be that this is how the 24h volume and graphs are supposed to work? Since it won’t be an issue with more trading anyway.

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