Video Upload (noone expected a messege like this?)

it’s really disappointing that a video upload takes so long. This is not right after the event. Many community members would edit the video or whatever is needed and uploadthe video at few hours couse they are passionate about it and they believe it Nash not only for profit but as a first step to a decentralized future with self custody and decentralized banking that will be Nash future. It’s the first time I complain couse it’s ok to wait as long as it takes (already staked for two years) but wen I see delay about a video upload wen marketing said right after then I start to understand all those people that said many times that they need other people at some possisions. Why they treat to community like that?
They made us vote about the event location you choose a other place at least upload quick if it’s not possible to live steam.
Do you take us all for granted? Or some possessionsat the company are granted? If they have lot to do why you don’tuse a community program? So many talented people would help even for free.

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Nash is a company with stakeholders, metrics and accountability. We have goals and responsibilities. In this case, we wanted to offer our community the best possible experience in terms of video quality and wanted to improve on what was available in Boston. We hence took special care to partner with an excellent third-party provider to film and edit the video.

We have communicated that this is a high priority and expect to receive the edited footage soon. We will upload the video as soon as it is available to us.


Exactly as it should be, thanks Carla.

OP mentioned ‘community members’ and ‘us’ as though they speak for everyone here, but I would bet a majority of us don’t share their opinion on this matter.


I prefer a high quality video. When you try to watch the last livestream on youtube with the founders the streaming quality was really bad.

But I want to get the information published from nash as soon as possible. Because now there is an imbalance with information between people who were able to attend at the event and those who were not able to.

As far as I know there is also a written quarterly report each time. Could it be possible in the future to release this report at the time when the event ends? So everyone is at the same level of information and the (external) team has enough time to provide a high quality video.


Hi @Symiaq, we are solving this issue in other way. Going forward reports will be conducted on-line, allowing for easier participation. Events will either be focused on promotional or commemorative topics.


Thank you. All investors should have equal access to information. This will help solving this issue. Many thanks and best of luck to all Nash members.

I’d hesitate to use the word excellent if it is taking this long to edit a video. It is not just about the quality; timeliness is key.

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they gotta watch it when free-styling … pretty amusing i thought how london had tech difficultites during questions… i have a highly tuned tin foil hat

anyways u can watch Zuckerburg get roasted by congress instead… that im sure will be just as fun… and actually might be more important to ur investment

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That makes me very dissatisfied that almost a week after the event is over and no one knows what was being discussed. Except the few that were on the spot. It will advertise the event, but if you are not there, you will remain uninformed. The community is spread all over the world and one should not assume that everyone can come over. That had to be said now because it bothers me a lot … :angry:

it should be simple, a low quality video upload until the good quality video will replace it.
after all we speak about a security token i dont know how the information of only 20 stakeholders is compliant with the spirit of the company and the laws.
The thing now is tha the team knows that it wasnt right and as fabio said they will resolve this issue one way or another.

I don’t easily complain but this takes longer than it should.

What’s the point of this comment? @fischdenflo proving yet again how impatient they are.

Carla stated the video is in the hands of a third party, who filmed the event and is now editing it. Regardless of how long it’s taking, what use is complaining about it here? It’s entirely out of Nash’s hands, they’re just waiting for it to be delivered.


One week is definitely too much. No matter the reason for the delay. The twitter account is quite active tho, which is good, but a short recap’ would have been appreciated.

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You can read the third quarter report on for a good detailed report on what they likely talked about.


Re-wrote this post because I probably came across aggressive…

People should stop complaining… Good things take time, the written report was released within the week which is absolutely fine.
If the video takes a month or so to come out, that’s also fine.
If getting the latest information and updates from Nash is so critical to your investing strategy then it would be in your best interest to attend the actual event!

Keep up the great work Nash team :slight_smile:


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Thanks for the reply Carla but I need to agree with @greekscreamer
I appreciate that nash chose a partner for filming the event and providing a video in great quality. But to be honest I do not understand what this partner is doing a full week with this video!?
Either this is maybe the wrong partner in a time where people are used to consume media and streams in almost real time or nash missed to determine a delivery date for the partner.
-my two cents worth-

but after yesterday’s news from china, I want more and more to watch the video)

You can now watch a recording here: