Video quality

Sorry if this comes out a little rude and please @canesin don’t take this personally but… what happened in this video?

Did Nash suffer from a decent mike shortage? Sound quality is horrible. This looks like the result of a 6th grader school project.

On the positive side, I really like that you’re speaking in your native tongue. It’s refreshing to have a video in other than English.

The video was recorded with professional equipment. It is very understandable to me, probably you just don’t know the language, I have to listen things very loud in german for example.

Yes. The team and some community members recorded several videos in their native language a few months ago (as you can see by the summer in Vienna) to release later.


Thank god for captions/captioners for us English only speakers so we can still understand what is happening :slight_smile:

I like this initiative. Really nice to see the souls behind Nash. I’m especially looking forward to see the faces of the kind people behind support.

I hear what @Oldsport is saying, but for now I would say its certainly equally effective. And 6th grader projects have their own charm. :blush: Like you can feel that teamspirit. When I think of 6th grade group-projects, I recall it was always exciting and fun… And that’s exactly the appearance I like to feel from the Nash team now. <3 Besides, this really gets an A+ score on that scale.

The issues are wrong exposure and color balance (extreme correction), interlaced video.

I like the authenticity of this video. Nice one @canesin. :ok_hand:
ps - if you want constructive feed back on audio clarity:

  1. Background music could have been lowered slightly
  2. Sometimes it’s better to use a lav mic if outside / noisy venue

Screen Shot 2020-03-07 at 08.52.53


This video is more than fine, great quality in my opinion and fabio is honestly the next elon musk

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maybe adjust or improve some audio parameters but like the idea to do a simple video, looks more human than selling something.

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lol people get so wild about a utube vid …i liked it … i like the idea. Do a spanish one @fabio i bet you speak Spanish

nice change from the toxic twitter assault

Not every video has to be an epic production, I mean it could be that way but whatever. We know they can produce really professional video content when it matters as they’ve already shown.

Fabio if you see these reviews, see in each of them possible improvements for the future :facepunch:

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