Video: Nash (formerly NEX) on CNBC's 'Advancements' | NeoDevCon 2019 live streaming link

#.Have a look at this video published by NASH youtube channel.

#. NeoDevCon 2019 live streaming link: Day 1

#. NeoDevCon 2019 live streaming link: Day 2

Looking forward to a bright start of NASH and wishing you @canesin good luck for your upcoming presentation at Neo DevCon 2019.

Happy streaming!


Good luck @canesin!

I really don’t like to be negative, but I feel like I should be honest. I am a huge supporter, but the first video is really the wrong kind of exposure a project can have. The music, effects and voice really make this a cheap video and negatively reflects the Nash project. I hope Nash steps up the game in its marketing.

I am really wondering, does the team stands behind promotional videos like this? @canesin
Apart from that, keep up with the good progress!