Verified Twitter account for Nash

Just a suggestion, Hello team @carla @canesin @ethan . As I just noticed today that nashsocial Twitter account is not verified yet . Can we apply for the Twitter verification as I saw that pundix is verified and many other projects too . As Twitter verification will save people from getting scammed and will help Nash Twitter handle too.


Unfortunately the answer above still applies.


Thanks for the update

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But still confused why Twitter is biased about verifying these accounts which were created in February 2019 only and how they applied

Your guess as good as ours, let’s bring to the public feud and see how that goes.

To help just retweet:


Did my bit by retweeting and will be sharing it everywhere

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It is good that you’re being proactive about this!
While Twitter says it has suspended applications for verification, it still continues to issue the badge. So the question is, what process now informs the decision to issue a badge? Clearly there’s no transparency, meaning fairness cannot be guaranteed.
Unfortunately, social media platforms have amassed unbelievable powers and can act with impunity.
How does Libra get verified within 4 months of joining Twitter, with just one tweet and under 5000 followers? :thinking:

The team is probably already aware of the new verification proces;