VECHAIN VET but written VEN on the nash wallet

Hey there!

I don’t know if that has been asked before, i’m putting my assets on the new nash wallet and i wanted to put in a few VECHAIN. It has become Vechain THOR (VET) a while back but is still written (VEN) on the wallet. Would someone tell me if it is still safe to do it?

Thank you fellow nashers!

Vechain is an own blockchain. Meaning it is not an ERC20 token (based on the ethereum blockchain) anymore.

Nash provides at the moment only support to the Bitcoin, Ethereum and Neo blockchain.

Summed up, don’t transfer your vechain token to your nash wallet. They will be lost.

@canesin It would be nice if tokens already switch from ERC 20 to their own mainnet, will be deleted from the funds manager.


Thank you very much @Symiaq, you may have saved me a few bucks! :slight_smile:

I told about this issue several days ago, nothing has chaged.

created a topic for this Help review mainnet migrations


Anyone got any suggestions on the best/cheapest place to convert my VTHOR into regular crypto that isn’t going to get eaten up in withdrawal fees…