UX-friendlier way of trading

Hey there,

I have a question about the way of trading on the exchange and maybe future plans.

So the way to go from launch is that you have to send funds from your wallet to your trading wallet before you can use the exchange. I know that this is done because the matching engine can’t communicate with your personal wallet, but can with the trading contract.

I just feel that this is a step too much when having the best UX in mind. I mean, having to explain my grandma the steps she has to take (first buy crypto from the fiat gateways, then send those to her trading smart contract and then she can make a trade) may sound a bit much. I know for us experienced users it’s simple and the best we have for now, but isn’t there a technical way to have the user think he makes an order, but under the hood the funds get sent to the trading smart contract and instantly puts in the trade. After completion the funds (or leftovers when incomplete) automatically get sent to the wallet address. This way we can remove one step for the user, but programatically it follows the same steps as they are for now. Plus, I have one less step to tell my grandmother :wink:

I’m not a blockchain programmer so I don’t know the implications of this, but it seems like a ‘logical’ next step to me for achieving the best UX.

Maybe that’s what the simplified exchange is for. They showed snippets of it in the October meet-up.


Note the date, may 2018, surely they improved a lot from this screenshot, which looks great already.


Yeah that’s what I was thinking when writing my post. We’ll see! :slight_smile: