Using the exchange: various feedbacks

Hi guys,

Just a little head’s up to the design team.

Maybe it’s my screen’s contrast, but I find the following items not contrasted enough to be easily visible (= too white):

  • the stacks on the left of ETH prices
  • the zeroes of “Average price” (before 5952…)


It’s painful to use : I usually end up “ducking down” below my screen to have better contrast :worried:

Is anyone else having this impression ?

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Another impression while trading is: I had to input my password+2FA at least 3 times (without counting the first one to connect to the app) in order to trade…

An option to “Don’t ask me in the next X minutes” would have been welcome!


Hmm, so it seems I have a screen contrast problem :sweat_smile:

Seeing the exchange (and even my screenshot) on another screen, it feels alright, so scratch my first feedback!

However my second feedback still stands.