Using QR Codes for NEX Payment service

The New Neon Wallet 2.0 recently added the function of requesting payments via a NEP-9 QR Code which has: The token you are requesting, the quantity of the selected token, the requester’s public address and a Note/Field to label the QR code.

Putting 2 & 2 together, I could definitely see the NEX team implementing this with the payment service layer to implement quick and seamless payments whether in person at a retailer or online. Cart is filled up and ready to check out? QR is generated and scan with NEX mobile app to complete payment. Done. The Exchange could convert whatever NEP token requested for what you have available in your Wallet - adding further volume to the exchange. I could see an implementation similar to the square NFC reader and iPad running the POS (Point of Sale) software done by NEX via a NEX Mobile app which has the POS and QR Code generation and the purchaser uses the NEX Mobile app to scan the QR and complete purchase.

I feel as though the Payment Service layer does not get enough love and thought from the community and it’s the type of product that can really use the power of a community to bring it to life across the globe (or any country that has a Fiat Gateway). Just sharing some of my thoughts, feel free to let your imagination run wild and add to this post. Maybe @canesin @ethan can comment on my thoughts and confirm a few things if it doesn’t expose too much :wink:


I’ll just say that your train of thought is similar to some ideas we have been thinking about :wink: We view the payments product as very important, and mobile is a big part of the equation there.


I love what I am hearing from @ethan . This will be powerful. Nothing more to add. Just more power to your work NEX team. God guide you and give you more innovative ideas.


Say bb to ethos wallet which was over 500m marketcap…
different blockchains in one wallet with fiat ramb and payment solution with QR codes if someone for example want to give btc at an btc ATM.