User-friendly development, adoption and "volume"

Hello Nash-community,

just a few questions and thoughts from my perception:

Nash is claiming to get the most user friendly experience in crypto space with the best adoption. I´m using the extension since the registration of the ICO and not seeing any updates. Is the mobile wallet getting similar like this?

If I or any new people want to communicate with you, we need to:

  • first buy BTC,
  • then trade BTC into NEX on a foreign exchange,
  • install a complicated extension in a browser owned by Google, not everyone is using.

-> I can tell you one thing, even there is a fiat-money onramp coming. We will stay in a Nash community bubble of a few people and never see adoption this way!
Seriously I could register and order shady things in the dark-net more easily then talk to the Nash-community.
Sure, I don´t know the numbers of pre-registered users of your Ref-Link competition or the numbers of testnet users to be able to estimate the number of users in the future.

This is also part of another big problem, I see coming to the exchange release: Volume!
You all know, that the big exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, Bitmex, Huobi etc. are trading their own coins to generate volume (you just need to check their transactions and the order structure of manipulated coins). Most of it is generated with USDT (but Tether is another big crypto problem by its own).
Nash is decentralized and not using these bots to prettify the trading volume. So guess what the volume will be…you all know it from other DEX´s. And if the price of BTC is seeing another low, no one will be interested to buy crypto in the near future.

The only hope I see for a “liquid” Nash is a way to adopt/integrate stocks and shares and advertise people in countries like Africa with a very easy to handle mobile wallet.

So long, I hope the beta testing is going well.


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The upcoming mobile apps will allow ease of access while the needing to have one Nex to register to post on here will remain, as planned.

There’s a number of regulated exchanges with legit volume. The likes of Coinbase, Kraken, Bittrex and Poloniex seem to be sound. Even Binance has been rated highly recently from those investigating volume on exchanges.

With time and new features (fiat pairs, more chains etc), Nash should be able to compete and reach their goals. The foundation of the exchange is crypto trading and they can be a success off of that alone.

If you are referring to the Bitwise report to the SEC, please be aware when making such statements that they only investigated BTC trading volumes on these exchanges. Altcoin trading volume is also huge on those exchanges, and the trading of their own tokens also falls under altcoin trading volume (which was not subject to analysis from Bitwise). So the point which @criticalmass makes could be valid.

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Yeah, true. Was more so to make the point that there is enough legit volume out there. I don’t think everyone would have expected such a high rating, even if it is only for BTC

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You’re right but hurry. I feel your pain, I don’t use Chrome, not able to communicate without it, with iPhone I’m screwed. Super difficult and inconvenient to use. Don’t forget Nash claimed 1B users by end of 2030. Still 12 years of development, time for adoption, many more new features including mobile wallet/platform. Now it’s all about beta of exchange. There will be some day with beta of mobile wallet. And many more betas. Step by step… This is still very early stage, nobody said it’s going to be easy. Wait year or two and everything will be different (hopefully better ;)) This obscure way how to be in community, lack of important coin/token pairs etc. will affect volume in early months for sure. That is the only thing to be aware of - aka hoping for huge staking and gain is naive. Nash has never been short term pump & dump project. Wait years, decades and it will be worth it.

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I´ve just read and it underlines that we do not know, if our beloved coins will survive till 2030 and the only big advantage compared to fiat and gold in my opinion is a permissionless & shoreless trading.
I could easily wait until “2030”, if I was sure, Nash can survive this time with low trading volume and continue developing this gamechanger without the fear of going insolvency.

Average people have the “Instagram attention span” of 1 second and all those people will not register for Nash community unless its getting easer and done with a usual registration process like on the ref-competition (and even that is needing a few minutes). You will say: “We don´t need these people for changing arguments.”…yes, maybe!

That sounds like a classic dump on release and I really hoped for a project where the slogan is not “hold for decades” etc.! I also think that a staking income is not a thing the next years. Its more like a crowdfunding project for a better future.

Our resources are dedicated to building the main launch products: the funds management system and the exchange platform, so you will see slow development on the extension and community. The goal of the launch products is to within 6 months achieve a healthy level of profitability for the company at a team size about 50% bigger than current. If that time frame extends too much we will shift strategy.


I hope the Nash Mobile app will release soon with the exchange and funds management system. It will help you achieve the healthy volume within 6 months


Communication to users is key.

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So that would be like Q4 of 2019

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