User experience

I love nash, i staked my NEX for 24 months and believe in the team and the Project, i consider myself to be well informed on technology and crypto exchanges (bittrex, binance, bitfinex, huobi, kucoin, bibox, kraken, switcheo, etherdelta, idex, aphelion, liqui, etc) .

For the referral program i tried to teach my coworkers and family to register and use nashexchange, but all of them found the process too difficult (their main language it’s spanish and can’t read english so that made it even more complicated.)

Also, on september i set a buy order and forgot which pair it was, it took me 10 -15 minutes to figure out where i had it and cancel it. I think it should be easier.

This isn´t a complain, just trying to share my experience using the exchange.

Note:This is the most user friendly cripto app in my country so far.


Thanks for the feedback.

We’re already working on simplifying the sign-up flow as we’ve noticed some friction there.

Could you go into more detail about what you found difficult?

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I find the Orders tab to be pretty straight forward.

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you are correct, that day somehow i missed it and spent like 10 mins clicking around the exchange, my bad.

Yes, i will write them down and comeback.

Please make sure to share those annotations here! We have a lot of work to do, we should translate the exchange to Spanish after our current efforts to translate to German. We are not using some automated translation like Binance to have a higher quality.

@GeorgeG Bitso also works with a card interface, i like that.
As i said in a other thread, look at the UI of coinmetro here:

It has a dashboard with easy card interfaces. hovering over them you get withdraw/deposit and sell/buy buttons. The trading interface has a very clear and clean “Buying” and “Receiving” functionality. All together with nice icons of the coins etc.