User Experience: Quarterly Report Q1 2019

A marvel! very happy to have read the entire report. Congratulations NASH team !!!


Reasons to be bullish:

  • No critical flaws in current code were found in any of five reviews (two with Recurity Labs, two with Cure53 and one with NCC Group)
  • Our token listing procedure has now been finalized
  • We are satisfied with the user experience of our MVP designs (the Nash Exchange, funds management tools, and fiat on- and off-ramps)
  • We have finalized our protocol specification for Bitcoin trading on Nash, which will be implemented soon after launch. Support for Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and other related chains will follow rapidly
  • Mobile division finalized the first version of our app designs and Quality Assurance released the first versions of our in-house automated monkey testing and end-to-end testing libraries
  • Finished our Go, Python and TypeScript client API libraries and accompanying documentation.
  • Finished integration with our initial fiat provider

Follow-up question I have:

  • Where are the remaining 168,000 potential customers coming from (32,000 from referral program sign-ups)?

Lottery participants for the ICO

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With Bitcoin in a short time we will have a lot of volume

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