Use of NEX token to pay discounted fee

use of NEX token to pay discounted fee

It is a question for the most advanced users, surely they will already have it clear why I do not copy the team, the owners of NEX will we be able to pay the exchange rates with benefits using the NEX token as it is done in BNB or Kucoin?

If someone has the answer, I’ll thank them.

Thank you!

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I could be wrong, but I believe this was said to not be the case. The token is designed strictly as a security and not with any utility use in mind.

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@Yevin is most likely correct. it has been clarified that NEX token is for purely dividends staking up to 75% (which i love) but not utility purpose.

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@31:14 This question gets answered.
Basically Fabio is saying the exchange fee’s are shared with the NEX stakers.
Therefore there is not an extra discount when the fee’s would be paid in NEX.


Yeah, getting a share of the fees is indirectly a discount on the fees itself.
Plus, paying less fees means less dividends to payout, so that’s unwanted.