Use NEX Community without extension

(Frank) #1

As i do all my crypto business on a secure computer where i thus have the extension installed it’s a bit of an hassle to use the community only from that device.

During registration we were send a link in an email that could be opened and used on multiple devices without even needing the extension installed. This link is now expired.

I for one want to use the community site on multiple devices that can’t or won’t run the extension.

So it would be great if we could generate a link like we got during registration, so we can use it on other devices. Without needing to install the extension everywhere and thus perhaps weakening your own security.

Yes i could transfer my tokens to another wallet and use a 1 NEX wallet solely for the community, this is an hassle, and it this really what NEX team wanted to achieve?


(Marty) #2

+1 to this idea. I barely use the extension and I read this from my phone…


(Frank) #3

Any update on this?


(Alex) #4



(Frank) #5

I think i’ve waited long enough to bump this topic.
Any update on this?

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(Ethan Fast) #6

Yes, this is planned. You will be able to log into the community from your account on the exchange website.

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(Frank) #7

Another 2 months passed, i’ve got an account on and i still want to use the community on multiple devices.
Any sight on this plan?


(CryptoUK1) #8

Give this a try. Assuming it will allow multiple devices at once

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(Frank) #9

Great workaround, thanks for sharing. Works like when registering. :+1: