USDT is not in the NASH smartcontract

Hi Fabio (@canesin) how is it possible to trade USDT if it is not available in the Nash smartcontract. I see another contract is used for this. Could you please explain why this is necessary?

Many Thanks :blush:


The reason could be that USDT is available on different Blockchains (Ethereum, Bitcoin OMNI layer, Tron). Therefore it might need to be handled differently.
But this is just a guess.

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A few tokens don’t implement the ERC-20 standard fully (or “to the letter”), one of those is USDT. So we developed a proxy contract that allows Nash to trade those tokens by providing a ERC-20 interface to the vault.
If you deposit some USDT you will be able to see the proxy address.


thanks for the explanation. I have to ask, because I was a little surprised :wink:

I cant see USDT/USDC anymore! was it taken offline? same with ANT

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Its back on the pairs list :slight_smile: