USDC now the UK has left EU?

I was just watching the AMA and a question come to mind regarding USDC. What will happen now the UK has left the EU, Will we be able to trade it now?

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If so, then maybe The Netherlands should also leave the EU :joy:

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Yes, just note that until end of 2020 UK is still within the financial regimen of the EU. And I believe agreements of alignment will be signed, London is a important financial center for Europe and I don’t think the UK will risk losing so many business to Frankfurt, Paris or Luxembourg.


The UK is now in a transition period, so the same rules will apply until December 2020. However, they have already made it clear that they won’t be following EU regulations after that time, even if this results in a no-deal scenario. If the EU wants to play tough, Britain will go its own way. So there’s a good chance we won’t be bound by any such regulations.