USDC From FIAT ramps

Although today we don’t even have USDC pairs in EU, probably neither in other regions. I was wondering if it will be possible to buy USDC from FIAT ramps, then you can go to the Exchange with the USDC pairs and place your limit orders. For Nash it will be also good because fees will be collected in this process when fresh money is comming in. I am just wondering if that is on scope.


USDC pairs are live outside of EU, have been from day one of operation.


Is there a legal reason not to list them in EU? Isn’t it just a ERC20 token?

I think OP is referring to buying USDC directly from the fiat ramps.
i.e. credit card purchase of 100EUR worth of USDC - making this in some ways similar to depositing fiat.

@TheCryptoLynx Fees wont be generated if going straight from fiat to USDC via a provider, however if the fiat provider doesn’t hold USDC, a quick conversion such as EUR>ETH>USDC could be used instead and this would generate fees (bold bit)

Hi @kabelman, yes there is legal restrictions. We will need to offer it with restrictions on order types. That development is done from backend side already, missing some pieces on FE.


Thanks a lot for the reply. It seems in the EU we can not see the Market volume for USDC then, maybe this is misleading. About being able to buy stable coins from FIAT ramps? Is this on the roadmap?

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What restrictions in particular? According to the Circle website, it is available for UK users. So why is it restricted on the Nash side for UK users?

The list also includes a number of EU countries, like Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Poland, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia, etc. Basically, the whole European Union and even a lot of non-EU countries. So where is the restriction exactly?


+1… there must be some irritating legal nuance we’re missing