USD stablecoins

Are there any plans for NEX to list a USD stablecoin like usdt, usdc or any others on the market? Many see this as important for good volume and would be an alternative to fiat pairs until they become available.

It’s my understanding that for the European market/European users that this is problematic but could be added for US users and possibly available for other parts of the world as well?

If so, would it be possible to get a rough idea of when we could expect to see that?

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Why is a stablecoin problematic for European users?

Legal wise to offer for European market. Just what I was told previously but I have no real knowledge about the laws and regulations

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I hope NEX team don’t think to go live without BTC and USD stablecoin pairs… It will be a suicide, considering also the delay in the go live…


i think they will have them but also fiat buy and sell will be up from day one i think :slight_smile:

I agree with you. You can see practical examples of this, f.e. Switcheo.
Nice decentralized exchange, works well, but:

  • No BTC trading.
  • No fiat gateway.

Result: 24H volume of $ 20K.

Switcheo added ETH trading few weeks ago, but it doesn’t do anything in trading volume.

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There will be stablecoin markets where we can offer those.


Thanks for the reply Fabio. Good to know!:smiley:

Dear Fabio, what about BTC pairs?

We could add pairs like




Also take a look on stasis EUROS stable token, if they are legit we could add it, as we have many investors from europe and imo a euros/usdt pair could give massive volume!