Update request On launch

Repeatedly posting on the forums won’t get you there any quicker. Sit tight and follow their official platforms.


yep, follow on twitter and chill. If it on, you will hear it :slight_smile:

Stop posting this question every 2 hours. Relax and wait.

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Also they said that will give update tomorrow.

It is a pretty though situation at the moment. For the team as wells as for the community.

The team is firefighting the whole situation since Friday, the whole weekend. With less sleep. It isn’t just fun overall. The issues must be solved, the launch of the MVP should work out smooth (when its online, not thinking about the date) and a solid communication to the community should happen.

Well there are a lot of complains about the communication part. I would also like to know more details, timelines, … . But when you think about it, we as community, can’t do anything at the moment. If they give us a timeline everyone will stick to it and confront the team with it. As you did above. Which will result in time spent on the communication with the community while a problem must be solved. (Where are the resources more important?)

Don’t get me wrong, I also want the launch of it. But just stay patient, like the last months.

Ready, when ready


I agree with you in many ways. I just wanted to give my opinion what bothers me at the moment. Not more.

Please do not use this saying anymore. Fabio said we were ready and therefore the claim is just not up to date … :love_you_gesture: :wink:

And already what I have written is obsolete. But honestly, that does not make me happy now … :zipper_mouth_face:

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could you give us a update please guys

even if its just to say youll know more in 24 hours ect

were a easy to please bunch who just want to know if we can leave our computers without missing the launch

could you give us a update please guys

even if its just to say youll know more in 24 hours ect

were a easy to please bunch who just want to know if we can leave our computers without missing the launch

Hi all,

I have consolidated the various update request topics into one. Please pay attention to the updates we deploy via our blog (the sub-category is “blog”), Twitter, Instagram or an update through the AMA topic if/when it is re-opened.

I completely understand your excitement and nerves surrounding the launch but we do our best to be forthcoming and transparent when there are noteworthy updates to share.

Thanks for your support and passion for Nash.



Can one still expect news today? :thinking:

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I have a feeling they’re trying to manage expectations. No more “hours/days/weeks” comments.

As such it’s probably best to just watch for a blog post or tweet.

Ready when ready.

Thanks for the update @carla


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Honestly, I can not hear that anymore. Is this going to be nash’s new motto? I did not think so …

And the criticism is addressed to you and all those who use the saying.

Not to the Nash team. Thanks Clare :ok_hand:


I’m just saying, think about what you’re asking. You’re setting them up to make a statement that may or may not come true. Reality is a statement will be made when progress occurs, not when Clare thinks something will happen. I’m not defending Nash, and I’m not trying to moonboi the phrase “ready when ready”. Everyone is retweeting and pasting Ethan or Fabio giving time estimates, and when the estimate passes they get crucified.

So how is it a good idea to post more time estimates? I’m just as frustrated as the next person, but there’s really nothing to do other than wait and follow Twitter.

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I agree with you. Only please stop with this “ready when ready”. Since the release date was announced the claim is no longer up to date and in marketing terms an absolute disaster.

If people want to support Nash post “ready when ready” on twitter this is not really good for the team. In my view…

I hope it is not misunderstood by my poor English …:see_no_evil::love_you_gesture:


how about airdrop some Nex to make community happy? :smiley:

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excellent idea

I think there are better ideas to make the community happy than any weird airdrop … :sunglasses:

Oh still a small question to the team (@clare @canesin) . Is the new design with the many blue so wanted? It burns a little in the eyes … :see_no_evil:

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Question about the exchange.
I see theres a login function now instead of a nash.io is down for maintenance.

  1. can we log in already?
  2. Can we log in with our nash extension credentials? I tried putting in ‘forgot my password’ but it gives me an error.