Update on my marketing results

I am passionate about Nash, in every conversation with my friends I speak about Nash.
In the beginning most of them could not take my words seriously and some of them got annoyed because I push it too much.
Today the same people who got annoyed are investors and learning about Nash.
My point is that people don’t know why they even behave the way they do, when I go into details on Why they resist me talking about Nash? The answer is: EGO was offended, the human pride.
Then after a deep dive into psychological process of my thinking, all of my friends are not resisting any more.
80%+ are now using Nash.

If you are passionate about Nash and, you love your friends, is definitely worth it to go a extra mile in explaining your intentions on why you are so persistent in trying to get them in. It works with my friends.

Thank you :wink::handshake:

Now people call me and have questions about Nash. AMAZING :partying_face:


Nice work @Radu!

If everybody in this community was putting as much effort as you we would be beyond Uniswap already!

Bringing traders outside of the Nash community should be our priority number 1.

Also, the tech guys in our community also do an amazing job with developing and explaining bots.


That is a really great insight and outcome, thanks @Radu for the passion! We do our best to deserve it.