Update last wednesday

Hey fabio can we know more about the last Backend-Update of the exchange? Can we applause for achieving the targets of ≈20ms?

Kind regards faibii



As I said, one of the biggest changes in a while:

  • Nash Cash completion (including some cool features)
  • Nash Pay 1st part
  • New transaction system 1st part
  • New comms system

This picture bellow is before, during and after the upgrade. Currently 50% of orders are under 11ms, with 95% being under 23ms and 99% being under 31ms.


Amazing, thank you @canesin for letting us know :slight_smile:


Brilliant performance! :star_struck: Thank you for the update!


@canesin you gotta post this on Twitter as a reply to CZ’s stupid graph :smiley:

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Fantastic work and progress Fabio, you and the rest of the Nash team. :clap: Really exciting about upcoming weeks and months. Many more cool stuff are yet to come. Keep the hard work :sunglasses: :muscle: :mechanical_arm:


You guys are rocking it Fabio!
Great team! I can’t wait to see the exchange in it’s entire completion in a couple of months!!!


Wow!! it should have been posted all over twitter by us when it happened. None of us knew

As always keep up the great work, the entire team is doing a fantastic job!

Nice, that’s indeed good to see

@canesin Why not communicate directly like this? A picture is better than a thousand words …We have the feeling that announcements are always made with days or even weeks after changes and innovations without taking advantage of the free and inexpensive marketing … :roll_eyes:

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That certainly is worth an applause, especially considering this is not a simple central exchange.
Well done everyone involved! :partying_face:


excuse me on this one… :grimacing:

amount of orders per second can it handle under 20ms ?

I reckon it does after the latest upgrade

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thanks bro
wondering what FCC reckons we are able to do now and what we aim for ?

again thanks