Unscheduled maintenance - 29/FEB/2020

Hi all,

We are activating maintenance for 2h so that our systems can sync the state. There was a logical delay introduced due to several issues and we want to guarantee a good experience on trading and transfers.

This is something in additional and not related to the 2FA bug earlier, all that was is that an error on entering 2FA was being counted multiple times so users were blocked much earlier than the 5 tries we normally allow on that feature.

We will be available at (https://support.nash.io/hc/en-us) during this maintenance.


Hey canesin, thanks for updating us! Is this maintenance to sync the state alone, or also introducing a fix to prevent this from happening again? Or is the bug hunt still going?

Hi @Konijntje the 2FA issue was fixed already. The issue with the sync is not a bug per-see but a issue on our monitoring infra, we already added another alert today to avoid being in this situation in the future. We are now processing the backlog.

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thanks. this will then fix the issue as described here?

@Konijntje different issues manifest on the same visual result. The issue causing those today are fixed and we should be out of maintenance in the next few minutes.

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Closing this topic as we are out of maintenance. =)

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