Unofficial Telegram admins keep banning accounts just for fun

NEX telegram, nOS telegram, they keep banning accounts even without doing anything wrong. what’s wrong with this people? are they that too sensitive? Come on, learn to know how to value your investors! I contributed max on nOS ico and after that i get banned.

Not sure why you would raise the issue with nos telegram here and the nex community telegram isn’t run by nex


nOS don’t just ban accounts …If you got a ban they must have had a good reason doing so.

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There is no official Nex telegram. So the Nex telegram group you are referring to is not run by Nex.


Hello, welcome to this community! IMO, If you get banned by NEX and nOS telegram, that should say something about you. Such as, could you have said anything offensive or insensitive there?

I believe you could have said something sensitive, firstly, you said “banning accounts without doing anything wrong”. Then you said “are they that too sensitive?”.

Also an important note, bear in mind that NEX team do NOT have an official telegram channel and it’s run by random people not related to the NEX team.

Also, since it is a one-sided argument here, you should be contacting the admins there to see why you were banned for and not here bashing the team without any solid evidence like “banning just for fun” like what you did here in the title.

Lastly, I believe both teams NEX and nOS are professional in how they act and do tasks. So I wouldn’t agree with your statement here and i hope u get unban soon if you were wrongly banned for.

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Edited thread title to make it clear this refers to Telegram. NEX has nothing to do with any Telegram groups.


if he got banned, he must have done something wrong, so hopefully they ban him forever

If you were banned from the “NEX Community” channel, don’t worry. That group has, unfortunately, a lot of negative individuals who just want to pick a fight. Ignore it. The only decent group I can see so far is the NEX Staking Syndicate.