Unlock Staked Tokens

I understand that we all agreed to the terms and conditions of staking, but ever since nash waved the red flag on the exchange (for now) I think we should be allowed to have the option to unstake. Over the course of 1.5 years I have got a little over 50 dollars and due to circumstances in my life I need these funds. Is their anyway I can pay a five to ten percent penalty to unlock my tokens. Desperate times.

Maybe nash doesn’t have the ability because its a smart contract? Hard to believe a centralized enterprise couldn’t make this happen. Regardless im wondering if I can finish my stake a bit early and take a penalty.

Youre right, it’s a deployed contract that doesn’t have a clause to exit like you mentioned. I know its been discussed a lot, and things may change as the staking contract evolves, but its just not possible currently.

Sorry to hear of the turbulence happening around you


This is not quite correct. There are admin functions in the smart contract. So it would be possible to build in a function that allows this. In the meantime I am also of the opinion that it is perhaps no longer quite right to keep it that way with the fixed 24 months or less. A lot has changed at Nash and they are now taking a completely new path.

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Guys, there are warnings that you agree to before staking:


Personnal situations are unfortunate, but this topic is off the table.

I’m locking this thread.