Universal address for all currencies

Ease of use is super important and if we could use universal addresses that are linked to our phone nr. would be fantastic. Example could be Revolut app, in my country where I am form this feature has become very popular and among friends we only use Revolut to send smaller and lager amounts, because I can simply search my contacts and send money.
I dont know if that is even possible, but how I see this:

  1. I want to send 1 NEO / 1 NEX / 1 USD to my friend John.
  2. Serch my phone contacts and find John.
  3. Click send

I dont have to think about correct currency addresses, scanning, copying etc. One click and done, John receives his 1 NEO in his correct wallet.
Could this be done?


I like your thinking. Great

Isnt Venmo doing the same? They became quite popular over in the US.