Uniswap on the NASH app

Great to see that you can sell NASH coins thru the uniswap link on the app. I have friends that want to buy NASH, can this be done through the app or do they have to go to the UNISWAP website?

I don’t understand a preference for Uniswap with such high blockchain fee. You can get Nex on Switcheo with no network fees. The liquidity there is not the best but it works.

My friends want to do it on the app… Is this possible?

Slight precision there: The Nash token is called NEX. The easiest way to buy NEX is with ETH, within your Nash app: see this tutorial video posted a few days ago.

A bit more advanced knowledge:
The NEX token exists in 2 forms (ERC20 which is the standard on the Ethereum blockchain, NEP5 which is the standard on the NEO blockchain). They appear separately in your Nash wallet but can be switched from one form to the other by using the “Convert” feature (Note that a network fee may apply). Advanced user prefer using the NEO blockchain to buy on Switcheo, because there’s virtually no fee to trade and move tokens around.


Perfect thank you :blush:

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