Unable to use exchange

I’d like to congratulate the team on launching the Nash Exchange!

I’m just a little unclear why I’m unable to use the exchange or stake my tokens. This is the message I receive after logging in:

“Not all Nash services are currently supported in Massachusetts. Your access to some parts of the Nash platform will be restricted. We will notify you by email when Massachusetts is fully supported. Please contact our support team with any questions.”

However, Massachusetts is listed as one of the states that is fully supported:

“The United States requires licensing on a state-by-state basis. Here is the list of states we currently fully support: Arkansas, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming.”

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Congrats again!

Massachusetts is supported. For staking you need at least Tier 1, go to “My profile” > “Limits” and apply for Tier 1.

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Thanks for the prompt response Fabio @canesin . I applied for Tier 1 shortly after the exchange went live. This is the message I’m experiencing:

Could you please contact support at support.nash.io ?

Will do. Thank you.

Update: My issue has been resolved. Many thanks to you and the team!


Could you please tell us how the issue was resolved please?

I contacted support as Fabio recommended and everything was fixed in about an hour. I’d do the same if you’re experiencing issues.

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Could you please tell us how the issue was resolved please?

We fixed a bug :slight_smile: