Unable to message Fabio - have reached my private message limits

@canesin - unfortunately I am unable to reply to our private message from earlier today as it says I have maxed out my messages… just for the record it’s not my first day either :wink:

Can this limit be removed/changed?

Hi Ellis,

I just checked the deployment of your specific fix has not been done yet, it is waiting with several other fixes in the testing pipeline. I will contact as soon as that goes through.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Can I just say how refreshing it is to see you and many other core members of Nash team personally attending to user issues. Many a times community members don’t bother searching for specific issues here and post the same thing again and yet Nash team is there to address their issues. The support team has been exceptional so far and I can only hope the community acknowledges the teams’ efforts and remain patient when looking for support. Keep it up guys!


Well said @Hyphen!

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Maintaining a forum is hell of a lot of work, i can tell as i used to have a forum myself. The time will come where Fabio wont be as responsive, which is actually a good thing, so he can do other even more relevant stuff. In a year from now there will be thousands & thousands of new members. Too many for the founding team to take care of.

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Agree. And that’s precisely the direction we all hope Nash is heading towards. Business growth is always directly proportional to it’s income streams which in turn is based on the number of users. Thousands and thousands of users should also mean having the resources available to hire a lot more support staff. It’s still very very early but here’s hoping we get there eventually.