UI Staking Bug

Hi Fabio @canesin

I found a bug in the UI. If you already have 16 stakes and then click here you can create another stake, but nowhere is displayed except on the Blockchain. This should definitely be fixed and I am also not sure if I’ll ever see my 130 NEX again.

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I hope that’s not my fault now :scream:

Were you able to see your 130 Nex transaction on the staking contract address?

Yes :wink:

interesting, if it really went to the address then there probably is no way of getting it back

If I get it back after 1 month, that would not be a problem :wink:

Otherwise it would be nice by Nash if I would get 130 NEX as a bug reward :sweat_smile:

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lol you may be the only person to have 17 stakes, congrats on the discovery :laughing: I wonder if you can keep clicking that button and add until 24?

I tried it again today. It did not work again. :sweat_smile:

What does Fabio say about that? (@canesin)

:scream: … will fix.


OK :sweat_smile:. Will I get it back after a month?

The error still continues. I did the test with 1 nex and it appears 17/16


still working.

Yes but max 17…