Twitter Engagement Articles

I always read these articles and think these are great articles for Nash to create twitter content to engage users and let people know about their platform.
Nash could use these articles and mention that Millions are constantly lost due to people giving trust to centralized exchanges and users need to take back control of there own financial assets or risk losing their funds.

These are great opportunities to create some awareness with Nash and i hope that once the exchange launches Nash will use articles like this as a strategy to bring awareness to its products.

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Thanks for the suggestion! The exchange comparisons article we’re publishing this week already contains a lot of information on problems with centralized exchanges. If there is space, we might be able to add Coinbin as another example.

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Haha this trust/don’t trust validators landing page on their website just looks unprofessional and cobbled together. It’s got a link to Binance DEX if you click ‘trust validators’ - bizarre, and a video from chico crypto of all people on the Binance DEX…

We do not rely on “validators” the way Blockcollider describes, and are much closer to a pure DEX than the exchanges they are critiquing. We also have a totally different solution to the problem than Blockcollider, and I can’t speak to their technology, but I suspect our solution is far more performant. I’m not going to give details here because if we discuss these technical innovations too much others will just copy our approach.


Sounds exactly like what you’re doing.

I also invested in the Block Collider ICO and (like many others in their community) I am not impressed at all.
Here’s why BC investors are disappointed.

First, the ICO was way back in April 2018 yet our tokens (Emblems) remain seized by the company. They’ve finally released an announcement on Telegram saying our tokens have been distributed but remain locked. Does that even make any sense and what difference does it make? We still can’t access them or trade them anywhere after almost 1 year.

Secondly, the team and their inner circle have been able to mine the native token (NRG) through the several iterations of BC on Docker, but most investors have not been able to mine a single NRG. The team shuts us out and keeps releasing new updates with so-called fixes.
I will stop short of calling the project an outright fraud, but I am tired and if our tokens weren’t still locked after nearly ** one-year**, I would have sold them! It’s all dodgy IMO.

Thirdly, coming here to quiz this team on specifics is really funny considering there’s so much most BC investors do not understand and BC team struggles to explain. Most times, Spectra and Patrick are unable to explain a lot of things on Telegram. And that’s when they manage to reply. The BC community continues to shrink as people lose interest. I’m shocked anyone will come on here to make comparisons.

You’re already aware how much Nash has been copied, so Ethan is very right not to give out sensitive details. I’d appeal to you to be more considerate. There’s absolutely no reason to compare Nash or hassle the team over BC.

Good thing is, unlike Block Collider, NEX tokens are released so you are free to sell if you don’t believe in Nash. And if you sold your NEX now, you’d be making a profit :wink:
The team doesn’t have to impress you with more information than they are willing to safely share.
Good luck!

Do you foresee to reveal such sensitive details(nash recipe) to public at later point of time or will never do that?

What is the point of this question? Do you really expect an answer? Let’s not abuse this platform please. This community is not an opportunity to hassle the team over their ‘recipe’.
We are here to share ideas that increase adoption and enhance user experience.
These kind of distractions are very unfortunate.

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I agree wholeheartedly Olu, actually I would go as far as saying, more than a few questions on this forum have been digging a little too deep for the average investor.
One could interpret such questions as competitor espionage without taking it too far, even though it is probably just random people asking weird questions they really don’t need the answer to…

As a community lets refocus our attention on increasing adoption, providing feedback, ideas and suggestions for improvements!! :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work NASH Team!

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Nash founders open sourced their earlier works. As an investor I would like to know whether they will open source the heart(matching engine/state channel protocol) of Nash exchange. If they do, as Nathan said others can copy easily. He mentioned “not going to give details here” so may be they have plan to disclose details “some where”. It’s not to hassle the team. I don’t know about you but their opinion/plan on such important things gives more confidence to spend my time(not just money) to increase the Nash adoption.

Good point, I guess transparency on anything but intellectual property is good. Think about it, if you buy traditional securities, would you drop private messages to the CEO demanding answers on just about anything?

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