Twitter announcements about new trading pairs

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Just an idea…why not anncounce on Twitter when nash adds new trading pairs like the one yesterday (IEXEC / ETH). I think with chainlink you did it. I would love to retweet this kind of stuff and sure a lot of members would do it. It is a kind of free Marketing.

thanks and go Nash!!!

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Maybe it’s because they’ve been criticized so much about communicating when it wasn’t about BTC pairs. This is a pair, but not a BTC one… Haters were going to troll hard.

They did tweet about GAS claiming on the mobile app, which was an important step forward.


hmmm…maybe u right…at least till we have btc…dont know…

but at least community members of IEXEC should somehow get to know about the new possibility to trade their token.

This is where we come in :wink:

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Communication is really weird with Nash. They promise stuff and cant keep it, they announce stuff with little impact. I dont even know why they added this token but I guess it would make sense to let people know.

We will be posting a tweet later. Our liquidity provider is only coming online for this market today and we agreed with the project to make an announcement once market making had begun.

Please understand that there are important business decisions behind our communication that may not be apparent to you. It does not always make sense to begin promoting a feature as soon as it has been added.


:thinking: Well it’s not easy seeing through your communication strategy. I don’t feel like other exchanges launch pairs silently hours/days before they communicate about it.

You should expect your community to be on the lookout for any new feature or positive news to spread the word! That being said, let me know if I should remove my tweet :upside_down_face:

@Oldsport currently in our product once a market is added it appears in the UI, so it is needed for the liquidity partner operating on it.

Regarding communicating iExec RLC market addition @Gorlim1981 as @carla said we are in contact with the project and coordinated an simultaneous announcement + QA with their community.


very excited that iExec is on Nash. It’s my favorite crypto project :slight_smile:

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Besides Nash I hope :wink:

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Nash comes second at the moment, actually :slight_smile:

@canesin it’s great to see the quality of projects that get listed on Nash so far. Each time something '‘makes it’ onto Nash, it makes me feel like it’s a safe bet. Especially, as all the rigorous compliance checks have been done prior to listing…

Peace of mind as regulations become tighter. :slightly_smiling_face: :innocent: - Thank you