Twitch/Youtube/Streaming and Video Platform donations

Just want to bring this idea up, and also to see if this is already being developed on. Will Nash Pay also allow a donation option for Youtubers and Twitch streamers (or other platforms)? Getting an integration like this into streamlabs would be huge! Not long ago they had coinbase integrated into their system but it is no longer there.

Another website helping with steamers and video makers donations with crypto is Unfortunately they use Coinbase as a place to receive funds.

I think there is a huge opportunity for Nash to have an integrated streamer/youtube crypto/fiat donation platform where viewers could donate from their wallets using any crypto or fiat options and then the stream can receive the money in their own wallet with their choice of fiat or crypto.

Let me know if this is an idea that the team is already aware of or let me know if this is something that could be considered. Crypto tipping/donating is a huge opportunity.


For this, Nash needs to list Theta and Tfuel. Theta is for governance and Tfuel is for transactions, like Neo and Gas. Tfuel is generated by users sharing their upload bandwidth which is mostly unused (giving telecoms a use case for upload which currently there is none). Streamers on are now accepting the Tfuel generated by their viewers. Nash could integrate through API’s with Sliver and many other likely coming video platforms, such as Amazon, Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, Disney, Apple, etc,. to exchange Tfuel to national currencies. This can be enormous for Nash as Theta and Tfuel already are being integrated into Smart TVs to automatically share the TV upload bandwidth while watching Neflix, Amazon, etc. The tfuel is then used to automatically reduce the monthly subscription. The companies would then want to exchange Tfuel for national currency. Nash could provide this which would be huge!!

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Agree, been eyeing Theta since 2017, very interesting project indeed with real use case. Nash should definitely look into this!


Yes, Tfuel could be one of the heaviest transacted digital assets throughout the world. Could you imagine how many fees could be generated by Nash if they integrated API’s into the video platforms and having it automatically transact in the background?


Why bother with middleman? Anyway I think this all can be achieved by these platform developers (or imo even the user) without help from Nash or some third party. They need:

  1. Nash Pay
  2. API
  3. Nash extension or app