Trying to raise awareness on Reddit

Please feel free to discuss openly to create some momentum here:

Whenever I post this type of stuff people are super sceptical! lol I dont know…there is a lot for Nash to educate! Even if it works as claimed people will still be too lazy to research.

WOW…the value of Nex just dumped! I might actually get me some more now…

It is rather confusing conversation.
"Yes it does…just not sure what could happen if I lose my cellphone?! "
“A mobile phone is not a hardware wallet. It is a hot wallet.”
“It is def not a hot wallet…it is a dex as far as I know. U cannot compare it to any hot wallet.”

Step in and close the gap :wink: Thats how u can create pos. awareness!

Nash hasn’t released their key management yet, so I think it’s a little premature to compare it with hardware imo.

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The discussion on reddit is heating up - People say it is impossible. Who is right? I mean I dont have enough knowledge to tell. Quote: I’m sorry but that sounds incredibly foolish. Best of luck to you-- you will need it.

Nash will need to create a lot of trust…People who dont understand or dont deeply research on this topic wont ever believe this is possible it seems. I dont even know if it is possible but Nash has built a lot of trust with me. If they dont trust Nash they will just speak ill of them.