Trouble with IP adress and KYC

I wanted to create an account for my relatives for Christmas, but I was using the same PC as the one I used for my Tier 0 account. The problem is that I can’t use both of the account anymore, neither can I do the KYC on my phone… Is there an easy solution I haven’t seen? Or I have to contact support?

I think you should contact support. Imao Nash detected this as a try to catch some more tickets…
You did this “for christmas”?
Do you open bank accounts or broker accounts or exchange account in the name of your relatives in general for christmas?

Yes, I had the idea from the twitter account. I wanted to give some bitcoin directly on a NASH account so she would learn about NASH along with Bitcoin at the same time. But turns out I can’t…
No I don’t trade stocks and they already have a bank account…

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Hi @Vic9t that is a great initiative of you! Thanks for spreading the love, you said that you can’t do KYC. Is this a personal issue or some technical error from Nash side ? In the former case support should be able to help you. I know that it is Saturday so if you want to you can ping me directly here.

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Thanks Fabio! I contacted the support and solve the issue; it was super-fast!

I think it is a very specific problem in the logics of the software. When I was trying to connect to one of the 2 accounts it was written that the IP address was already used for one another account, and that I had to do the Tier 1 verification, but it was blocked on “Pending” on the exchange (because I tried to do the KYC once before, but stopped half way though). And on the app too it was not possible to pursue the kyc.