Trouble with IP address and KYC

Hi there,

I’m trying to get through KYC in time for the draw but I’ve been stuck on ‘pending’ for 48 hrs as my partner has an account already so it’s showing two accounts on the same IP.

I’ve logged a couple of tickets but not had a reply that has fixed it yet. Does anyone know if support is working tomorrow before the draw that could help?

Thanks! Happy Christmas everyone :slight_smile:

I don’t have a solution but I have two accounts also on the same ip-address (partnersaccount and mine) and both are working fully incl kyc ect so it should be possible. Hope you get support in time good luck :+1:


Hi @Monami - we’re sorry you’re experiencing difficulties with KYC. Our support team is currently active. Please get in touch through the live chat option here:

Hi there,

that link just goes to a page that says ‘there’s been a glitch’ - it doesn’t work.

My app is now has ‘tick’ next to the KYC bit but the app is still telling me to upgrade.
Can you please send me the right link for live chat help?

Live chat seems to unavailable atm but was working around an hour ago

Thanks, No Live chat though. Emailed again with another ticket.
Fingers crossed now…

ALL FIXED! Thanks Nash :slight_smile: