Travala (AVA) Listing

Are we still planning to list Travala after this move ?

The final nail in the coffin of NEO? :skull_and_crossbones:

The buyback and burn program is likely to classify the token as a security token (fabwa also commented this in the thread about AVA’s move on neo reddit). So my guess is that it won’t be listed on Nash anymore.

This is wild. What an awful move by Travala. They were even just funded by the NEO EcoFund initiative. I’m sure the team made bank with this, but it destroys their platform. I don’t even think Binance supports smart contracts, so a lot of stuff on their recently updated roadmap is moot.

Such a sketchy move, and totally out of the blue. Was holding NEO to buy AVA with on launch, guess I’ll just pick up more NEX then.


Same here haha

It just looks like a move of unsuccessful company, once they’ve add to many coins for booking, It makes 'em no different than hotels / booking and the rest of 'em, with a single change, use crypto to book rooms that’s it.