Transactions from two founders addresses to one address

Many ppl from the community ask what is the reason of that transactions? Some of the community are worried about it and some spreading rumors about it. So I think the best way is that someone on the team can answer that question for us an bring light into the darkness :slight_smile: Thanks a lot.

That is the address.

Not many people, just the idle ones. What’s your business how people use their tokens? It’s not yours. No one owes anyone any explanations here and people should learn to mind their business.


Agreed… It is up to the founders to decide on what they do with their tokens…


I’d spread my coins around into multiple wallets if I had that many.

This is so much of an unserious question. So every time something change on founders wallets, you need an explanation? What exactly do you want to hear? I will be surprised if anyone respond from the team because it will serve as a bad precedence.

I find the question interesting.

It should not be a reproach.
But if two Founder Wallet make a transfer of 250,000 each and they come to a common. Is the question very interesting which reason has that.

Will it be put together for a new big investor. Or as security, or or or.

Of course, nobody has an answer for us, but it’s interesting if you’re honest.

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First of all it is not a order its a question from some ppl of the community :slight_smile:

Yes your are right it is non of our business to know what the do with their tokens. When they say or think i don´t want to tell why we did that then im total fine with that decsion.

I wrote that question because there are some rumours and some are worried. I personal don´t care about it what they do with their tokens.

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Nope but there will be always ppl they get worried or spreading rumours and because the blockchain is so transparence a node why would be nice for such ppl.

For investing for private saving for securtiy what ever. The addrresses from the Founders will be always in focus so yes there will be always that kind of question because of that i ask for the community that that kind of questions nobody has to ask.

Answering the question will create a very bad precedent. It will give those members of the community a sense of entitlement to other people’s funds, so I think the team will be wise to ignore it. You mean each time they use their own tokens they need to report to you? Ridiculous.
It is a very silly question in my opinion.

Well, let them stay worried or get a life. Their choice really.

lol the joys of public account based blockchains :slight_smile:

edit my guess is they are dumping in to zero liquidity or lining up infinity stake …

You can only have one Nash account per person though so it makes no sense to “spread it” it into multiple wallets if you plan on staking. You need to stake from your Nash Exchange NEX address.

I wrote that question because there are some rumours and some are worried. I personal don´t care about it what they do with their tokens.

If people are worried, they haven’t done their research properly and might want to reconsider investing in a startup company to begin with. You need stomach to be an investor. You can’t be panicking over everything that you don’t understand.


What about 2 year lock up period?

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Slow release - 25% unlocked every six months

Because the Nash team ignores this question, makes it more interesting for me.
I’m really curious why two founders have each transferred 250,000 to a new account.
Together a total of 0.5 million.

I’m curious,

@canesin do you have a little tip for us? Or a straw on which we can reach? :grin:

I hope your question is ignored as it doesn’t add any value to the community. Your curiosity is out of place and for the sake of precedence, the team should just ignore the question.

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If i was sitting on $2,000,000 I’d cash out $250,000, buy in after it dips more