Transaction pending from Nash Channels to Personal

Hello, does anyone know how to cancel or to execute pending transaction from Nash Channel to Personal account. It is sitting with 0/12 confirmations. And when I want to see it on ehterscan it says that there is no such transaction. I want to execute another transfer from trading to personal, but i can’t until this transaction is executed. So I am really stuck, I wrote to support, but my guess is they would get back to me on monday.

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Have same issue and waiting still from 15th of December 2020, I want to transfer some funds for Nash League but now waiting for 16 days to fix this, support say that they need to send this case to administration, and I am waiting now them, so my request is still open unfortunately and my Nash League experience is not good.

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same issue here since december 17

It is solved.

Yep, we can close this thread! Awesome work from NASH!

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Since eth blockchain fees are very high I opted for the slowest transfer from personal acc to Nash channels. It would be very useful if I could have some sort of a note (or highlight) next to the asset I am sending to Nash channel when the transfer is pending.

This is probably a good idea. However, it is best to send feature requests at, so they can easily handle them in their logging system.


So, how was this issue solved? I’m having the same issue right now. Also with three transactions on pending and confirming since May last year. Every transaction from Nash channels to Nash wallet gets stuck.

Anybody able to help? So far the Nash DEX experience unfortunately isn’t that positive for me and I still got a couple of hunderds dollars in there.

Hi! Have you contacted support? They’re usually very reactive and should get you sorted.

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