Transaction pending from Nash Channels to Personal

Hello, does anyone know how to cancel or to execute pending transaction from Nash Channel to Personal account. It is sitting with 0/12 confirmations. And when I want to see it on ehterscan it says that there is no such transaction. I want to execute another transfer from trading to personal, but i can’t until this transaction is executed. So I am really stuck, I wrote to support, but my guess is they would get back to me on monday.

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Have same issue and waiting still from 15th of December 2020, I want to transfer some funds for Nash League but now waiting for 16 days to fix this, support say that they need to send this case to administration, and I am waiting now them, so my request is still open unfortunately and my Nash League experience is not good.

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same issue here since december 17

It is solved.

Yep, we can close this thread! Awesome work from NASH!

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