Transaction announced failed but worked

(Oldsport) #1

Hi all,

This is not a question, more a bug report post (Btw, shouldn’t there be a subchannel for that ?)

I was using NEX extention to transfer 1 NEX, but transaction failed. There was a Retry button which i used, but same message.

In the end, it did transfer 1+1=2 NEX tokens…

That’s really too bad, because other than that the UX was fantastic.

Keep up the good work ! :slight_smile:

(Alexander) #2

the same trouble

(pipi) #3

Same problem here.

(Bjornborg) #4

Thanks for letting us know. Will look into it

(Pierre) #5

I had the same problem

(Tapaswi) #6

I m facing same problem, anyone having any luck. I m stuck with Neo in my wallet, not able to send.

(Bjornborg) #7

that is actually a different problem. The problem they were having was that it was saying it failed but there was a timeout that was, in some cases, not long enough. we are going to release a fix for that today. maybe you should add some gas with your transaction and see if it goes through. There is a limit of free tx on the neo network. If you need to send before the release, you can wait a few minutes between trying so you don’t double send if you are having the same issue as them

(Bjornborg) #8

apparently there is a congestion on mainnet, so it might take a while for the tx to go through, be advised

(Tapaswi) #9

Thanks for the reply, its working now.