Tranfers Bug?

Hi All,

I hope the NASH support team can help with a query I have raised to support and I do not want to cause panic in community.

I transferred 10 NEO from nash exchange to my ledger, I double checked the address I was sending to and went through 2FA security and the NEO was sent to a totally different address.

I then tested with 1 NEO sending to my ledger address and again sent to a random address I had never seen before after I went through 2FA.

Looking on NEO scan I see the NEO in the wallet addresses and it seem they were created by some smart contract.

Can the nash team please confirm if this is a genuine bug?

thanks and can this be looked into

Interested to see the outcome. I hope they can explain what happened here. No one wants to lose assets like this.

support have been in touch and hope they can find out what happened

There was a similar 03 bug a while back - you would send 3 neo and it would randomly take 7 neo but this was patched


it seems support do not want to help and reckon my pc was compromised


I have already offered to demo or try and replicate this to their engineering team but they not seemed interested.

I remember there was a 03 wallet bug where users would send 3 neo but the it it would take a random amount from your wallet which was eventually patched by 03 team.

This is why people leave crypto because you get no help when you try and report a genuine bug which can affect other users,

if it happens to you only then it’s not a bug, don’t you think?

Noted but how many other users have sent from ledger to Nash back and forth to test this?

Don’t you think the Nash team should look into this checking though any logs instead of of giving a generic response?

What logs? You just sent your NEO to that address. You can check this with a small amount of GAS from a different PC.
btw, show us your transfers on Nash (with this tx)
I always use Ledger to sent NEX to Nash (via NEON wallet)

Look at the screen shot I posted already

That is Neotracker, not Nash transfers.

You have only 2 txs with 2 wrong addresses, others are normal. Can you explain this?

and it worked properly 5 times AFTER your first “bad tx”

Look I am awaiting Nash engineering to respond

That’s is for engineering team to explain hence why I open support tkt

If I tested with one neo back and forth from Nash to ledger …why did on the 4th try from what I recall it went to wrong address after 2FA

You PC can have a malware that replaces NEO address.

And support has already answered your question…

Of course my pc has a malware…seems more like a bug

I have made more than 50 transfers from Nash without any issue. Seems it’s a your personal bug. You can’t even show us your Nash tranfers. Maybe you did it with your Nash keys inside another wallet with a bug. idc

This is not Nash and neo

Go and be unhelpful elsewhere

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You are asking your question on this forum and don’t want people to reply to you…

Are you are trolling with comments Idc

Pls do not respond anymore

FYI this is not your support ticket. I am not trolling you. I just don’t understand what you expect when you start your post with “Hi All…”