Trading directly from Ledger

Hi Fabio,

Are you considering to implement trading directly from hard wallets on the exchange?


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From the 2018 Q4 report AMA:

What’s the current status for your DEX platform? Is the team planning on launching only web platform or plug-in functions? What are the plans to integrate a hardware wallet?

For launch we will be fully functional: mobile, web, tablet. The mobile app will come soon after. We had issues with people not understanding username/password and being local to the computer. There’s a lot of pain going trough there. We will come with a solution thats quite familiar. So we came up with some sort of key generation thats not supported by hardware wallets just yet. So maybe in the future. No hardware wallets just yet.

Full Q4 Presentation can be viewed here.

Binance is planning this I think, would be great to figure it out before them.

There is nothing to figure it out, we know how to do it. It was a decision not to do it now. If hardware wallets support our workflow in the future we will support it.


Sounds good, thanks for your reply.

Hi Fabio, this is something that worries me, I really do not want to move my coins from the current wallets, can I import private keys from my current wallets?

In terms of safety is better for you to not import your private keys anywhere. Just have a secondary address and keep what is safe as it is.


You do realise that your statement contradicts itself ? Importing your private keys anywhere means exposing them to an unknown entity, either an “dAPP/ or webservice” So moving your coins from your Wallet ie. Coldstorage is a much safer option then importing your keys anywhere.