Trading Competition insights and selling GUNBOUT tradingbot on bids


I would like to know if there is a top 100 of people trading on the trading competition. I am just curious how many people get over 10k volume. I have been trying with the $250 people said would be enough to get over 10k volume, but elais.

So I would like some insight in what % of the traders on Nash get over 10k daily since Nash is transparent.

thank you.

PS…still selling that bot. I do not have it on anymore and I can really use the money :stuck_out_tongue:

Interested in bids. Again…it is hard to set up. Just fyi…if I had that info I would not have bought it. I just want to be fair at this. But you can have it for an awesome price

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Everything is there:

Of course, trading capital of each trader is not public information.


tnx. All I needed to know in this info.

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