Trading Competition as a way of Bootstrapping Exchange User Base

I know that the team response in one of the quarterly reports implied that Nash doesn’t have much believe in trading competition. However, I think it’s a proven way for a new exchange to gain awareness from new communities. I think it will be great if we can integrate small trading competition into our token listings to attract people. In crypto, people love free stuffs, I remember all the rigour of KYC and all that during ICO era just for airdrops that are mostly worthless. Would like to hear the opinion of other community members as I feel is a good strategy that could help Nash at this early stage. Some will leave after the competition while others will stay to become strong member of this community .


I support trading competitions after GA


I think it’s a good idea! :slightly_smiling_face: Maybe a month after GA or so!

I could of sworn @canesin mentioned that a trading competition was something they were already considering or working on…

I could be imagining that though and unfortunately don’t have the time right now to search for where I might have read that…

Lot’s of hypothesis on this comment - trading competitions have more failure histories than success histories. They work under some constrains, we need to fulfill those first.

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That’s the comment I remember of @canesin’s. Does not express any interest in trading competitions.

This is from a year ago.

And judging by @canesin’s comment above, his mindset hasn’t changed since then. I linked the comment because it’s the only known mention of trading competitions I can remember from the team here on the forums.

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The comment has other things in addition - we are in a different moment now. If projects want to sponsor trading competitions we will allow that in a few weeks - but I can’t see that will be one of our main drivers.


What are you hoping…



The obvious question here is what are the main drivers?
Trading competition?
Random new tokens added? (uniswap)
P2P payments?
Merchant on-boarding?
Institutional on-boarding?
Free Lamborghinis?
Savings solution?
Liquidity mining?
Options, Futures, Swaps, Leverage?
Non-custodial index’s?

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Interesting conversation. I could be missing a lot of things, but I thought trading competition is one way to attract new users/traders to nash. If the trading competition generates a lot of fees, nash probably will not have to worry about paying from out of pocket. The time line on this would be when team thinks exchange is ready for a competition

That is the hard part. Finding the purple cow! But dont waste too much resources to figure it out. @canesin maybe you have read the story about Noah Kagan from Appsumo?

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