Trading bots

NEX team, do you plan to run your own liquidity bots for marketmaking available pairs when exchange will be started or you expect only on users’ bots?

p.s. yes, I know about great api :slightly_smiling_face:


It is possible that we may run some bots ourselves to increase exchange liquidity. This also depends on other partnerships with market makers.


seems to be a lot of twitter guys leasing their bots

@gainzybot looks like a prime candidate (if not already) … i have no idea what volume they generate from their userbase

but the play is : can nash offer them a way to manage their bots better by distributing authority to use bots over nashs decentralised MPC API’s?

-better security for funds and bot intellectual property
-manage their customers subscriptions more effectively over Nash

yay or nay

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cant quite figure out how the owners retain custody but only grant trades to the 3rd party or bot and not withdrawing rights … (not if the capital is pooled) unless somehow the delegated trader has signing right for tradeing over multiple addresses . (one click style)

any tips …?