Total Circulating Supply

(Seidler) #1

Hello all,

What will be the circulating supply in the first year? I am hearing something like 22 mil.

(Imitch) #2

there is already 25.000.000 since ico in circulating so i quess it will be around 30/35 mil

(Rory) #3

Depends what you mean by circulating, because there may be 25mil currently in wallets, but I imagine a good chunk of that will be staked long term. So the bigger question is what will be the available supply after staking is made available.


@Yevin Either way the circulating supply is still the same, those tokens have been minted and distributed. Yes there will be less available but the circulating supply is still assumed to be the same. Same idea goes for all the bitcoin that has been lost over the last decade or burned accidentally. The circulating supply still reads the same but there could be more price swings on NEX since technically the NEX token supply will be less liquid than the circulating supply with staking available.

(Rory) #5

Ah I see what you’re saying @NATENEX. Yeah, circulating supply is predetermined, but actual available supply is a different thing.

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(Cheesedonkey) #7

It’s pretty hard to determine what the circulating supply will be around the launch of the exchange/first year due to the staking mechanism.

There are also other factors such as what will happen with the unsold tokens from the ICO? (roughly 4 million I believe)? What will private investors do with their tokens? We can make pretty rough guesses though.

Here is my guess based on all parties (minus company fund) who were apart of token distribution and that they decide to stake 50%. I’m also going to assume that the unsold ico tokens will be sold by the founders and add to the circulating supply.

ICO: 21 million tokens - 50% staked = 10.5 million circulating
Private Investors: 5.25 million - 50% staked = 2.625 million circulating
Neo Council: 7 million - 50% staked = 3.5 million circulating
E.S.O.P: 750k - 50% staked = 375k circulating
Company Fund: 2 million - 0% staked = 2 million circulating
Founders: 10 million (5 million released in first year) - 100% staked = 0 circulating
Unsold ICO tokens (sold on exchange): 0% staked - 4 million circulating

Total Circulating Supply: 23 million

Again this is my very rough guess, maybe it will end up being too generous with how many decide to stake, who knows.