Tokok false volume in coinmarketcap

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Good day

I understand that the team can not intercede in the exchange listing, but can ask CMC not to take Tokok’s price and volume into account.

They are only manipulating the price with their Bots, there is no 950K volume there either, their bot buys and sells and manipulates the prices according to the positions of the platform.

You can see the cold portfolios of the exchange and they only have 200K NEX there and they have no income and withdrawals of NEX tokens from their clients.

Thank you

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(CryptoUK1) #2

I’m not sure that CMC would take requests like that into consideration as they’re supposed to be impartial.

The inaccurate/fake volume seen on CMC may not continue too much longer or at least, hopefully bring the figures closer to reality…

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