Together, WE can make Nash global

The launch of the exchange is expect soon so i think it’s time for the community to help Nash team by some positive and easy action.

Here’s some small things you can do that makes big difference:

-Promote the referral program giveaway
-Share Nash update and progress on social media
-Educate people about Nash mission,vision and values
-Stake your NEX token (Please read “The Nash Effect” by RDB1983)
-NEVER act like a “troll” on social media to promote the project,you are an Nash ambassador.

This is a completely decentralized community effort and if you believe Nash will be a game changer the way i do, a high quality community will make great things happen faster.

“Teamwork Makes the dream work” -John Maxwell

# TrustYourSelves ,you can make Nash global


Excellent idea, I’ll be sure to do my part :handshake:


Only a few weeks before launch…

Together, let’s make “The Nash Effect” !!!

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