Today's Experience trading on Nash

My today’s experience trading on Nash was so smooth that it cannot be expressed. I never had such smooth experience.

Please keep it up.

Eth to trading contract was smooth.
trading Eth for Neo was smooth.
taking Neo from the contract to my Funds was super smooth.
Transferring Neo to Switcheo was smooth.


Did some NEO transfers as well today: personal to trading then back.
Each transfer was under 2 min, however, there’s still a short period of time when

  • transfer was initiated successfully: funds appear correctly in the Assets tab, but transfer doesn’t show in the Transfers tab.
  • transfer was successful: transfer appears as done in the Transfers tab, but funds don’t show correctly in the Assets tab.

I think this is about getting a blockchain confirmation and that the team is aware of it. Just writing it again for top of mind.


I get excited also wen everything runs smooth not gonna lie :smiley:

Would be great when the only step needed will be : ETH to NEX straight on Nash Exchange (no more Switcheo) Or from your bank straight to NEX :grin::handshake: