To increase user base on forum

Hi @canesin, @ethan, do you guys have thoughts of opening a public forum where non-NEX hodlers can post topics to discuss topics on?(i know the purpose of this forum is to block fake news)

But I think we need to have such public platform so more people can engage with each other(even non-token hodlers)…we all know that $NEX token isnt going to be publicly traded on a legit platform anytime soon since it is a security token. So even if people who wish to join us in this forum(due to no-NEX in his/her wallet) is being blocked away.

To reach 1 billion users in years to come, we need such public platform to reach its long-term goal.

Truly, NEX not being publicly traded on any reputable exchange is a limitation to people joining this community.
But I don’t think opening another public forum is the answer as it would dilute interest in this community and public fora could also be far more difficult to manage. In a way, Twitter is a public forum.

I am confident that the team is doing everything possible to quicken lawful trading of NEX and other securities on Nash Exchange.


This forum should continue to require the user to have NEX, as is a investor relations tool (like the quarterly reports - an opportunity for people to meet and talk to the team).

The suffering is temporary as when we are able to trade NEX in Nash it should be much easier to participate in the forum.


Noted, Thanks

The circulating supply is 25mil and let’s hope 25mil people holding 1 NEX each (Just assume) and only 25mil people will be able to join the conversation in the platform? That’s absurd. Those who want to buy NEX tokens might be having genuine concerns and the only place they can get answers in this form as we do not have any other official telegram channel or slack. By doing this (I mean you must hold NEX to ask questions in this chat) will immensely limit the community to groom.

I sincerely hope this form will be opened for the public, Or else alternative platform (such as a telegram group) must be implemented.


Please please stop mentioning telegram as an idea. It would be a horrible decision to have a telegram chat


You bring up an interesting point. We don’t know how many users there will be in 1, 5, or 10 years, and based on total supply, the maximum number of users this platform could ever have is 50M (if the team stuck to 1 NEX per account).

We’re still quite a ways from getting anywhere close to that user base:

  • 13K wallets that hold NEX
  • Binance has 300K unique visits on their platform
  • Coinbase Pro has 30K

Let’s assume Nash explodes in each vertical (exchange, payments, and investing) and >100M users discuss on these forums; perhaps the team could require a lock on a token (traded on Nash) that has equivalent value to NEX. I’d do anything and everything to steer clear of Telegram.

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When it gets to that stage the rule could simply be changed to new sign ups being required to hold ‘a balance’ of nex. Meaning they need to hold 0.001 nex or wherever


Yes avoid telegram at all cost only fudders and scamers there.


I see Binance as the crypto like of Megaupload and CZ as Kim Dot Com. lets wait and see when the SEC bring the hammer down on Binance.